our roots

Growing up in the South, you can't help but be surrounded by all of the delicious food that is flavored so well.  I learned at an early age what my favorite spices, seasonings, and herbs were and perfected them along the years.  That was the beginning of Southern Classic Foods and now that I have completed my perfect blend, I want to share it with all of you!  

My Aunties and cousins were famous in my hometown of Cairo, GA for their amazing dishes.  I took tips and tricks from them and was always in the kitchen trying to learn more and more. Everything fresh and everything from scratch!  We would cook anything you could think of especially traditional Southern Foods.  Cooking is a passion for me and always has been.  There is no better feeling than the gratitude of someone trying of a dish made with love!

 I hope my website and my Southern Classic Foods Seasoning brings as much joy to you and your family as it has to mine..............